It is the vision of Oak Grove Baptist Church and its members to… “…whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord…” (Col.3:17, 23)

By willingly submitting to God’s authority (His will) in our lives both individually & corporately as members of the Body of Christ, all our planning, outreach, ministries, events, and other activities organized under the name of the church and Almighty God will be done with purpose.  We will see:  1) others “outside” the faith experience hope, salvation, grace, & forgiveness, 2) God’s territory and influence increase, 3) others “inside” the faith included, equipped (trained), and growing in their faith, 4) positive fellowship promoted within the Body of Believers, and 5) further honor and glory brought to His Kingdom! 

As unique members of the Body of Christ with different gifts, talents, and abilities, we as a fellowship will ever strive to work collectively, recognizing our differences & celebrating that which brings us together.  We will remain theologically sound in our teachings, be intentional in our worship, reach out to each generation both creatively and consistently with God’s love and truth, be efficient in our practices, sharing the load of our ministries with those who are called to serve with us, while prayerfully seeking God’s face and direction as we minister to others whether in our fellowship, community, state, nation and world as the Lord should so lead.